How we make it

Our major guidelines for creating ice-cream are quality and finest natural ingredients.We use farm milk, high-quality non-homogenized cream, carefully selected fruit and vegetablesharvested at the peak of their taste, flavour and sweetness. Try Umami ice-cream falvours ofBelgian dark chocolate, Bourbon vanilla and local mountain lavender.Under no circumstances will we use synthetic dyes, flavors or any store-bought premade food.All our preps are homemade so we could get the flavours unique and well-balanced: we cookaromatic orange jam and pistachio butter from natural nuts produced in Uzbekistan.

Why it is so delicious

Our ice-cream is made to original recipes. Umami offers unusual flavour solutions and mixes containing more than 40 classic and experimental falvours. Discover our strawberry and basil mix, try a scoop of lavender or salty caramel falvour - don't be scared to experiment and always discover a new palette of tastes. We constantly upgrade our ice-cream line creating new exciting mixes.